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RavenVolt is at the forefront of the energy revolution, specializing in turn-key microgrid, utility battery and EV solutions that empower businesses, communities and institutions to take control of how they harness, manage and distribute energy. With our cutting-edge technology, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and a team of experts dedicated to delivering customized microgrid solutions, we are not just providing power; we are illuminating a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Join us on a journey towards energy independence and a greener planet.

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Battery Storage

  • C&I and utility BESS

  • Peak load management
  • Grid stabilization & resilience
  • Ancillary Services
  • Integration of renewable energy
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Solar Power

  • Floating solar
  • Rooftop and ground mount (PowerCap)

  • 1‐axis, fixed tilt, rooftop and PV canopy
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Generator & Fuel Cell

  • Natural gas

  • Tier 4 diesel (T4F)

  • Fuel cell

  • Linear generator
  • Private labeled diesel and natural gas generators

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  • Low, medium voltage and microgrid switchgear

  • Fleet EV switchgear
  • In-house  custom switchgear design and manufacturing

  • Hardware agnostic for a robust supply chain

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EV Charging

  • Fleet and amenity EV charging

  • ABM Industries partnership

  • Fleet EV switchgear focused on portfolio customers with load management and resiliency in mind

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24/7 Monitoring

  • Custom microgrid software solution

  • Real‐time data, analytics and control

  • Virtual Power Plant – predictive algorithms to optimize the deployment of customer and utility-owned generation assets

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Revolutionize Your Energy Goals

Turn-key Microgrid Systems